Tag: Retainer


  • 1.Maester Medrick

    Who originates from a minor house in the Vale. While he had wanted to serve as a maester at the Eyrie, he was instead sent to Hornwood to serve House Hornwood, where he became a trusted advisor of Lord Halys Hornwood.

  • 1.Harroway, Korban

    The master-at-arms for House Hornwood, who was knighted by King Robert I Baratheon after he played a crucial role in the siege of Pyke that ended Greyjoy's Rebellion. His family was wiped out by Balon Greyjoy's ironborn.

  • 1.Waynwood, Rodner

    He is a member of the Hornwood household. He is the master of horse at Hornwood. He is a trusted advisor to all cavalry actions.

  • 1.Ander, Yoris

    He is an armorer, smith, and steward of the Hornwood. He used to be a smith and a soldier for the Starks.