3.House Manderly

Lords of White Harbor


Lord Wyman Manderly
Ser Wylis Manderly
Ser Wendel Manderly
Ser Marlon Manderly

Lady Donella Hornwood, Cousin to Wyman

Maester Theomore
Ser Bartimus
Wex Pyke


“No Currents Mightier”

House Manderly of White Harbor is a noble family in the north whose seat is the New Castle in the city of White Harbor. They are among the most powerful and loyal vassals of House Stark as well as the richest northern family due to their control of the only city in the region. Unlike most other northern houses, the Manderlys follow the Faith of the Seven instead of the old gods, as the family emigrated from the Reach after the Andal invasion.

3.House Manderly

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