5.House Royce

Lords of Runestone


Lord Yohn Royce
Ser Andar Royce
Ser Robar Royce
Ser Waymar Royce
Ysilla Royce

Maester Helliweg
Septon Lucos
Ser Samwell Stone


“We Remember”

House Royce of Runestone is an old and powerful noble house of the Vale, sworn to House Arryn. Their seat is the ancestral castle Runestone, located on the coast of the narrow sea north of Gulltown. There is a cadet branch occupying the non-hereditary seat of the Gates of the Moon, located on the path that leads to the Eyrie. The Royces of Runestone blazon their arms with black iron studs on bronze, bordered with runes.

5.House Royce

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