5.House Arryn

Lords of the Eyrie, Warden of the East


(Lord Jon Arryn)
Lady Lysa Arryn
Lord Robert Arryn

Maester Colemon
Gyles Grafton
Terrance Lynderly
Ser Vardis Egen
Ser Hugh of the Vale


“As High as Honor”

House Arryn of the Eyrie is one of the Great Houses of Westeros, and is the principal noble house in the Vale of Arryn. Their main seat is the Eyrie, which is considered impregnable, but they have many other holdings, including their winter castle at the Gates of the Moon, which was once their main seat. Both of these fortifications sit astride the Giant’s Lance, the tallest mountain in the Vale, the Gates of the Moon at its foot, the Eyrie at its top.

5.House Arryn

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